RF Service Engineer

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An RF Service Engineer is needed for a contract opening in Plano, TX. Responsible for overall solution and RF design including LTE & NR. Well versed with iBwave to be able to deliver indoor designs with client products including building 3D model, product placement, cabling, labeling, baseband dimensioning etc.



Key Qualifications:

  • 6-8 years of experience in RF, 3 years of experience with inbuilding deployments
  • Expert with iBwave
  • Demonstrated ability with BSEE/BSCS or applicable experience. MSEE/MSCS preferred
  • Advanced technical knowledge in the network area of working (Radio, inbuilding products)
  • Minimum seven (7) years’ experience with BSEE/BSCS or applicable experience.
  • Recent experience in radio network design, implementation and/or tuning/optimization systems is required.
  • Leadership experience is required for four+ projects. One projects must be the leader for all technical activities in a large scale (major metropolitan area or statewide geographic area) and responsibilities must include technical organization and oversight of work and demonstrated excellence in communications with team, project manager, and customer
  • Experience in working with different services including 5G NR, Massive MIMO, mmWave, LAA (License Assisted Access), 4G LTE, IOT, CBRS and/or multi-vendor
  • Understanding of layer 3 messages for 4G and 5G
  • Able to perform event analysis and address accessibility, retainability and HO success rate issues 
  • Extensive experience in planning tools such as Planet EV and Atoll
  • Detailed understanding of the link budget
  • Detailed understanding of inputs required, and how to create a new project in a planning tool, tilt/azimuth optimization, proposing new site locations etc.
  • Have used the ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) tool
  • Able to make recommendations to improve a network design (cell plan)
  • Detailed understanding of Monte Carlos Analysis
  • Able to perform model tuning Identify add-on sales opportunities 
  • Able to make recommendations in parameter changes, feature activations on drive test data to improve the system performance
  • Detailed understanding of optimization tools such as TEMS investigation, Actix, Agilent and R&S
  • Experience in tuning a loaded network, and understand the difference between artificial and real traffic loading
  • Detailed understanding of Layer 3 messaging
  • Able to collect and analyze drive data and performance statistics, and solve complex issues
  • Knowledge on how IRAT procedures can affects the overall network quality
  • Suggests improvements to tools
  • Understand the impact of adding additional carrier(s) on the network including 5G Optimization
  • Has the competence to implement and experiment on RAN features relative to traffic analysis
  • Understands the relationship between Handovers and Network Capacity, and how to optimize both
  • Detailed knowledge of KPIs and able to make recommendations to improve them
  • Understand how enhance uplink tuning is performed
  • Detailed understanding and experience in LTE/5G optimization


Additional skills/requirements:

  • Proficient with MS Office
  • Flexibility of extensive travel within the US
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to operate with high degree of independence, while managing project and customer expectations
  • Ability to coordinate activities with various departments, divisions and companies
  • Ability to identify and interpret customer requirements, and develop plans to address them
  • Experience with client RAN products, design with Passive DAS and RDS systems
  • Experience with design of indoor venues of different sizes and types (business office, hospitals, warehouse, factory, stadiums etc.)
  • Understand Site Surveys and the Construction process
  • Understand sectorization, SINR and Macro interference
  • Familiarity with client and third-party products to generate BOMs for deployment
  • Consultative with an ability to communicate clearly and manage the customer requirements

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