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A Business Project Manager is needed for a remote contract opportunity and will be responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of one or more Business Change projects. Business Change projects are those that involve new business processes, new ways of working, supported by new or redeveloped IT systems. The scope of responsibility for the Business Project Manager will be all workstreams, sub-projects or activities that are required to achieve the defined business outcomes for the project.
**Role will involve a combination of remote / home working, working with teams in one of the US offices, with the potential for some international travel.
  • Project definition and planning
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication
  • Task definition, delivery management and monitoring
  • Managing day-to-day relationships with external suppliers, and dependencies with other group inside the company
  • Dependency management – particularly with resources and other business activities
  • In a project which will include, but not be limited to:
  • Definition of new business processes and ways of working
  • Communications, Training and Change Management
  • Data cleanse and migration
  • IT Systems development and / or modification
  • Systems implementation, installation, configuration
  • Cybersecurity assessment and testing
  • Unit, system, business, and User Acceptance Testing
  • The Project Manager will be able to create a project plan with an understanding of the requirements of each task and the resources available, then manage delivery against that plan, while managing risks and issues as they arise.
  • The Project Manager will be responsible for regular reporting to the project SteerCo, sponsors, compliance with client project governance; and for wider communication with project stakeholders.
  • The Project Manager will be able to use their experience and insight to spot potential issues, good communication skills to keep all relevant parties informed, strong leadership skills to build teams and provide direction, and a calm demeanor to make the best decisions under pressure.
  • Prepare brief but effective project definition and governance documents
  • Develop realistic and achievable project plans
  • Build and manage global, cross-functional project teams
  • Manage external staff & vendors
  • Continuously monitor the performance of all resources and vendors to ensure consistent performance
  • Drive deliverables, day by day
  • Provide appropriate communications, targeted to the audience
  • Manage budgets, where appropriate
  • Prioritize objectives to ensure success
  • Track project deliverables
  • Scrutinize progress to highlight potential issues
  • Provide regular updates on project health to PMO


Key skills and capabilities:

  • This candidate must have excellent communication both verbal and written. They will need to discuss project with high level senior team.
  • Must be able to engage effectively with the SteerCo, executive and senior management to ensure clear objectives for the project, outcomes and the business constraints and context are understood.
  • Will need to work on a daily basis with business and technology professionals, will need to challenge when appropriate, and gain agreement on project objectives, scope, costs and benefits.
  • Ability to see the bigger picture and move project toward overarching goals
  • Ability to prioritize, by distinguishing between the critical and the less important
  • Ability to get into the detail to resolve specific issues
  • Ability to push-for and track progress day-by-day
  • Good communicator at all levels within the organization
  • Commitment to lead by example
  • Good presentation skills
  • Ability to facilitate productive interactions involving a mix of technical and business staff
  • Ability to develop internal resources to build effective teams
  • Ability to develop external resources to support effective teams
  • Ability to manage vendors to deliver what they are committed to
  • Ability to adapt management style based on the situation, whilst being consistent in core values
  • Prioritization according to business outcome and benefit
  • Paying attention to the right level of detail
  • Ability to anticipate and prepare for adverse conditions
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict management
  • Adaptability
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Education or Publishing Background a plus
  • Someone that has started a project and seen it completely through the entire process from start to finish.
  • Multi-national experience a plus
  • Salesforce or other system similar
  • Experience with the sales side of the business is helpful.

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